Online Blackjack — Are the Dealers Real People?

Online Blackjack — Are the Dealers Real People?

Some people are reluctant to play Blackjack at JackpotCity Online Casino because they’re unsure if the dealers are real people or if the computer just randomly generates cards. Obviously, most people would prefer playing against live dealers.

In the early days of online casinos, not all that many people wanted to give any of it a try. Players want their online Blackjack playing environment to be as exciting as it is at real life casinos. Therefore, gambling sites introducing live dealers is considered to be a good thing by most.

Online Blackjack — Are the Dealers Real People?

Over the last ten years, online Blackjack and other Jackpot City Casino Games have become extremely popular. Now, millions of people log on to play all the time. The smaller gambling sites may only have a few live dealers, but the more popular ones have several. The online casino industry nowrealisesthat in order to provide the best, most exciting virtual gambling environment possible, real people are going to be needed to oversee the games and tournaments.

So how can players tell if the JackpotCity Blackjack player is a real person?

Obviously, many sites have webcams, and even still there are chat boxes displayed so that players can actually chat with the dealer as well as with one another!

New players to a particular online casino can chat with the dealer and other players about Blackjack games. Some dealers are obviously more talkative than others, but simply knowing that someone is on the other side is enough to make many players excited and hopeful.

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One thing players don’t want to do, however, is badger the dealer. No one—be it the dealer or another player—wants to put up with annoying trolls. If a new online gambler wishes to make friends, and to get the most out of what online Blackjack offers, he or she needs to be as friendly and polite as possible.