Wild Jack Casino is an Online Gambling website

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Wild Jack Casino is an online gambling website. It has both Flash Player and downloadable versions of its games. Both versions require site membership and initial deposits. Members have access to several hundred games. If you are the type of Internet-user who doesn’t have a huge problem with downloads, be advised that the downloadable version of Wild Jack is better: it has at least triple the number of games as the Flash version.

Wild Jack Casino doesn’t just offer fun games. It also knows how to treat its customers right. It offers a list of side services so players can maximize their gambling experience. These include gaming rules and tutorials, plus helpful strategies to help you improve your game. Unlike other online service sites, Wild Jack Casino has 24/7 telephone customer service. This means that you can ask your questions right away instead of resolving problems over several days of email correspondence.

The Wild Jack Website certainly has a lot going on. The downside is that the huge variety of games can be a bit confusing, especially for an inexperienced gambler. While it’s great to have a lot of options, a more organized website would improve players’ experience at Wild Jack.

Users of Wild Jack can find more exotic games, like Sic Bo, in addition to classic casino games. Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game that has recently become quite popular in other countries. It is played with three six-sided dice on a distinctive table. One rolls the dice and bets on the outcome. There are various types of bets a player can make, but the above is a pretty accurate summary of how Sic Bo works.

Sic Bo is a simple game, and the user interface at Wild Jack Casino keeps it that way. Users simply click “roll” to get the dice started. Also, if they don’t feel like changing their bets, they are allowed to input a wager or set of wagers and simply keep rolling the dice over and over again. Wild Jack’s version of Sic Bo is a fun, simple way to get acquainted with this game. Here’s a tip: the Small and Big bet are the safest, since you can bet small (on a total roll of 4 to 10) or big (11 through 17), discounting triples, which mean that you lose in this fun game of Sic Bo.

Overall, Wild Jack is an excellent website. It has the games most people know, and offers you the information you need to learn the games that you don’t know. With its selection of extras, Wild Jack Casino expounds on the basics to the extent that users have the full range of amenities available to them.

All that’s missing, really, are a singer in a spangly costume and an overpriced drink with a weird name. Wild Jack Casino is definitely worth the gamble.