Wild Jack Casino is one of the Worthwhile Ones

Wild Jack Casino is one of the worthwhile ones – Las Vegas, Nevada, is more of a fantasy than a place. The phrases “Sin City” and “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” are known all over the world. It’s really no wonder that when we want to get away from our stressful lives, we often fantasize about going to Vegas. Las Vegas, where every cliché is gloriously true. Vegas, where the summer heat is even more intense, but in a good way. But wait. Like a tampon in a swimming pool, a single word bobs ominously to the surface of your consciousness: recession. It’s exactly the wrong time to go to Las Vegas. So what do you do?

Gamble online, of course! There are lots of online casino websites available. The problem is knowing which ones are worth the risk and effort.

Wild Jack is one of the worthwhile ones. As the name suggests, the house specialty is blackjack. However, Wild Jack also offers a dizzying array of other games, such as roulette and scratch card. So it really is an online casino, instead of just a place where you log on and play blackjack. If you don’t want to stress out your hard drive, you have the option of using Wild Jack Casino games via Flash player.

However, you will only be able to choose from 100 Wild Jack games, as opposed to the 300 games available on the downloadable version. Not to worry: most of the “classic” games like blackjack are included in the Flash version of Wild Jack Casino

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This might all sound like inconsequential, mindless fun—and it can be, for some people. But be warned that Wild Jack Casinos is not a glorified version of those solitaire computer games people secretly play in their offices when the boss isn’t looking. Wild Jack Casino is a real gambling site where players risk real money by depositing funds from their bank accounts via the credit card service on the site. So please do keep track of your wagers, lest you check your next monthly bank balance and get a nasty surprise.

One of the more special offerings at Wild Jack is their roulette game. Roulette has two main tools: a small ball and a roulette wheel, which has red or black pockets. The pockets are numbered from 1 to 36, and, if you are playing American roulette, include pockets numbered 0 and 00 for a total of 38 pockets. The wheel is spun and the ball dropped onto it.

Players are supposed to bet on the number, color, or combination of numbers of the pocket(s) the ball lands on. Players are advised to bone up on the different types of bets they can make, and to avoid jumping to conclusions about the current spin based on previous spins of the wheel.

If you want more detailed rules and strategies, check out the Wild Jack website and click on the “Games Tutorials,” “Casino Games Tips” or “Casino Games Strategies” links near the bottom of the main page. All this information is available, free, even to non-members.

Roulette at Wild Jack is a great experience partly because of the graphics. Players won’t mind that everything is virtual. The user interface is also particularly good, and even inexperienced players will not have a hard time deciding what type of bet they want to make.

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Wild Jack Casino offers a convenient but still exciting gambling experience. Though it sounds like a site that only offers online blackjack, it is much more, and provides a recession-friendly alternative for those of us who can’t go all the way to Vegas.